Welcome to the BrickFlicks Academy

We’re an online platform where budding animators (age 8+) can learn the basics of stop motion animation, develop their skills and join a community of like-minded movie makers.

We’re here to foster your child’s creativity by not only teaching them the basics of stop motion animation but also helping them build other valuable skills that relate to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths).

BrickFlicks inspires kids to use their mobile devices to create rather than consume so that screen time is creative rather than passive.

BrickFlicks combines digital skills (using the app, framing, FPS), creative crafts (set building using paper, cards and other materials) and storytelling skills to allow your child’s imagination to come to life.

Learning Through Creating

Students of BrickFlicks Academy feel a real sense of achievement when they learn to make a short animation following the tutorials.

When your child is signed up for the BrickFlicks Academy, they will:

  • Get involved in a community of young animators who can do the thing they love along with other like-minded kids.
  • Feel excitement exploring the different areas of Stop Motion through the variety of courses.
  • Learn a new element of Stop Motion from each course.
  • Participate in a highly interactive experience.
  • Get personalized feedback from BrickFlicks animators.

BrickFlicks Instructor Dave

tells you all about the Academy

What is BrickFlicks Academy?

BrickFlicks Academy is a safe, fun place for young animators 8 yrs+ to learn, share, discover and explore their creativity using stop motion animation.

We believe in using materials and technology that can be found around the home and all of our courses and workshops use just a mobile device, a free app and simple materials you have close at hand.

We aim to make great animations using simple practices.

In the Academy, you will find an ever-growing number of self-guided courses where you can build your animation skills with practical & easy to follow video tutorials.

The courses include tons of hands-on activities that engage and inspire. There are monthly competitions to enter and direct feedback from the BrickFlicks animators on how to improve your skills.

Plus, members get access to live webinars and discounts on all our online camps and workshops.

Meet the BrickFlicks Team

Dave Sheehan

BrickFlicks Instructor

Dave Sheehan

The BrickFlicks team has over 15 years of experience delivering workshops to children in Stop Motion, Music, and Digital Media. BrickFlicks tutor Dave Sheehan has been creating fun and educational content for children of all ages since 2014, and has delivered BrickFlicks workshops to children in school & venues all over Ireland including The Ark Childrens Cultural Centre, Dublin, Riverbank Arts and Solstice Arts. The Academy is a fun, safe place for children to learn new skills and share their work with the BrickFlicks animators. All content is specific to the age category (8-12 years) and designed to engage this group.

BrickFlicks Academy Tour

What BrickFlicks Students Are Saying

Academy Member - Age 12

"I like the way I can log in to the Academy and go through the courses when I want to, like when I have no homework, I can just go on there do some animating"

BrickFlicks Academy Student

"I love the presentation, layout, set up, signposts & directions throughout!!"

Parent of BrickFlicks Student

"Simply explained, encouraged creativity and a lot of fun. Kept the user on track with projects."

Parent of student

"Very inspirational courses for kids. There is so much hands on activity - the courses really get kids creating and absorbed in the process of stop motion animation"